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1960 Pharmacy

1960 Pharmacy in Houston, is established in 2008 managed by a group of pharmacists with combined experience of more than 60 yrs.

Located conveniently near Lubys this Pharmacy near your neighborhood, gives you the ease of access to the local pharmacy.

Our trained staff and pharmacists who are members of AAVHIM, AACP, NASP, NCPA, and PCCA provides quality of care

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We are a leading pharmacy that is driven to provide our clients with best value services and unrivalled care. Our knowledgeable and competent team of pharmacists is committed to providing updated medical advice to make sure that customers get a pleasant, safe and comfortable pharmacy experience. Our pharmacists devote genuine time in talking to clients about medications and attending and answering to all the queries raised by clients.

We are willing to offer you with medication counseling so that it would be easier for you to understand all your medications. Our pharmacy is nestled in a very accessible location making it easy for you to reach us whenever the need arises.

We adhere to our mission and that is to advance health by means of innovation and excellence in patient care, education, public service and research. Our core values include diversity, integrity, caring, excellence and collaboration.

Our philosophy mainly revolves around four areas such as education, patient care, research and public service. In education, we are dedicated to providing inter professional and innovative experiences in developing pharmacists and students as important members of the healthcare team. We value and give emphasis on the importance of patient care. Our pharmacy delivers evidence-based care optimizing medication use in different healthcare settings.

We take time in optimizing health outcomes via partnerships with caregivers, patients, policy makers, health plans and health care professionals. We also ensure effective and safe supply and delivery of medications. Our pharmacy is committed to excellent healthcare for a lifetime that is why we strive hard to make our product and services outstanding and worth remembering.
Our clients and customers are our main focus and serving them to the best of our ability is on top of our priority list. We guarantee you that we are highly capable of meeting all your needs. We also endeavor to provide customers exceptional healthcare and service. We also adhere to ideal management, prevention and treatment and we consider all these things as additional foundations of our business.

We intend to deliver high quality health outcomes and we support and help communities make the most informed buying decision. Through our exclusive pharmacy and official website, we are able to deliver quality services and products. We also have wide range of affordable and innovative products that intend to improve and uplift the health of the community. We also offer professional and convenient services for the benefit of our valued customers. Our pharmacy is committed to delivering unsurpassed care to customers by means of exemplary, quality and efficient products and services.