Services to Practictioners and Hospitals


Our goal has always been to provide patients as well as hospitals and practitioners with high quality products and services at reasonable rates. We have inclusive lists of services offered that medical practitioners will surely appreciate and enjoy. As one of the leading and most trusted pharmacies, we strive hard to provide services that client, patients and healthcare providers actually need.
We have expanded our services in order to meet the unceasing demands of customers. We make sure that all our services are delivered with highest level of professionalism, efficiency, and quality standard. Our most notable services offered to practitioners are as follows:

Specialty Items and Compound Medications

Our pharmacy works with both patients and doctors in formulating compounded and unique medications that can perfectly meet the needs of patients. For example, dental compounding are mouth rinse for canker sores or oral ulcerations that contains combination of several medications such as antifungals, antihistamine, antibiotiocs, corticosteroids, antivirals and many more.

Dental compounding also includes transdermal preparations directed towards pain syndrome including TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorders. These known dental compounds may contain certain drugs and anti-inflammatory agents.

If you wish to learn more about pain medication, you can contact our compounding pharmacists and gain knowledge and awareness in the following:

  • Anesthetic
  • Cosmetic dental formulations like mouthwashes or bleaching gel
  • Dosage forms and Commercially unavailable medications
  • Special flavoring
  • Medication preparation for intra-oral infections like candidiasis or periodontal disease.
  • Electrolyte troches
  • Out-of-stock or discontinued medications
  • Drug combinations including injectable, oral and topical
  • Preservative-free, dye-free, Sugar-free medicines

Our pharmacy carries broad range of dental specialty items and products and we are happy to keep and stock more patient and dentist requested items.

Clinical Services

Our pharmacy offers investigational drug service wherein drug coordinators support medical school and hospitals in the clinical research fields. All sponsor-driven protocols and investigation-initiated trials involving medications are reviewed. We also offer clinical research and trial services.
Evaluation of Medical Use

Our pharmacy conducts continues assessment for medication use evaluation and health outcomes. We also give emphasis on Medication Safety wherein we work directly with healthcare personnel in developing a system for medication safety.

Delivery Service

Delivery is a part of our service list and we welcome clients who are in need for these service. If possible, we try to utilize our best courier for timely and efficient delivery. You can also contact our pharmacy if you seek for same day delivery to your home or business address. Our services are top rated in the healthcare industry and we features lots of resources to meet all the clients’ pharmacy needs.
Our services also include compounded medications that are discreetly tailored based on the exact specifications of physician, doctor or healthcare provider. We also offer alternative health supplements and medications, specialized supplies and resources, comprehensive program specifically tailored for you and many more. On-site glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure monitoring are offered by our pharmacy to any facility.